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"Producing your fantasies since 2003"



Skylar's Quick Facts

5' 7"





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Astrological SIGN

Cerulean Blue


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Various Types







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ABOUT Skylar

World Renowned Fetish Model & Wrestler


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Where did you grow up? Garden Grove, California WHAT FOOD DO YOU CRAVE? Bacon - PB&J Fruit Sandwiches - Acai Bowls - Chocolate Lava Cake Steak, Burgers - Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches - Cheetos Puffs - Justin's PB Cups - Pizza - Krispy Kreme Donuts What are you favorite activities, what do you do in your time off? ~ Movie go-er ~ Outdoors (walking/hiking, mountain biking, swimming in the ocean/body surfing, camping, etc.) Dancing & listening to live bands/music groups Eating good food & drinking great coffee! Looking at art and/or doing artistic activities Adventure & travel: I love doing adventurous/exciting things (new or not) and enjoy traveling & exploring new places and people! LOVE to be around animals & pet/play/watch/swim with them ♡ What are some of your guilty pleasures? HaHa ... * That I am a session wrestler & domme!!! * I enjoy watching 'The Bachelor', 'The Bachelorette' & 'Bachelor In Paradise'! * I used to love the Spice Girls & was referred to as 'Sporty Spice' in my group of girlfriends in junior high! * I will BLAST you with bitmojis > they are too adorable not to!!! What type of music do you like? I am open to various types of music and enjoy a range of, depending on my mood & the interest at hand. Which song are you most likely to be heard singing in the shower?: Usually, I am just randomly humming tunes & sounds (whether made up or not) vs singing! :) What are some of your favorite books? Daring Greatly {Breńe Brown} * The Power Of Now {Eckhart Tolle} * The Language Of Letting Go {Melody Beattie} * The Four Agreements {Don Miguel Ruiz} * The Velveteen Rabbit {Margery Williams} What is your favorite movie or movies? - Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken - 7 Pounds - Million Dollar Baby - My Girl Tommy Boy - Dumb and Dumber - Crash - Meet Joe Black - Cruel Intentions - Bridesmaids - Dirty Dancing - The Time Traveler's Wife - The Life Of David Gale - Pretty Woman Do you have pets? I am such the animal lover! ♡ Yes, I've got a few pets: two cats - a Bengal boy named 'BenGi' & a Serengeti girl named 'June'. I am also a step fur mom to an adorable elderly Pug named 'Bailey'. What is the best first date you have ever been on? Dinner at an earthy, healthier, modern restaurant which then led into a walk & deep conversation on the beach ... along with an amazing first kiss (feet in the sand & ocean water) ... which then led into us going to listen to a live band & dancing a bit together ... which then led into a passionate make out session on the beach afterwards! The END :) What is your biggest turn on and turn off? Turn Ons: Interest in self growth/development/connection to oneself and the Universe, emotionally intelligent & aware Openness, vulnerability, humility Honest, loyal, integrity - Kind, thoughtful, romantic/endearing Humorous, fun, playful Sense of adventure & for LIVING Passionate, multifaceted, driven Is actively working on having a healthy body, mind, spirit & soul Desires a mutual partnership (is willing to come half way & work as a team) Turn Offs: Inflated ego, conceitedness Unkind, demeaning, shaming/blaming Dishonesty, not taking responsibility for oneself (thoughts, emotions, reactive behaviors, their creation in life) Close minded/hearted, not open to new experiences or getting out of their comfort zones One who doesn't take care of themselves (on various levels) What jobs have you done besides modeling? - Retail - Waitress - Bikini Bartender - Go Go Dancer - Traveling Wrestler/Entertainer - Football Player What was your first modeling job? I can't remember ... ! what custom video would you love to do but have not been asked? It would be FUN to do a custom to where I'm throwing pies in someone's face (maybe with another gal or a few gals) ... I had a session one time that was exactly that, but, haven't had that experience since that one (which was like 6+ years ago)! If you could have one super power what would it be? I cannot choose JUST one ... so I will give you a little list of my favorites >>> * Telepathy * Teleportation * Time Travel * Clairvoyance * Shape Shifting * Flight * Magic